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Manufacturing License for Factory

If a manufacturer meets a certain requirement, the law requires it to obtain a manufacturing license from Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA). Based on the manufacturing activity, the Industrial Coordination Act (ICA), 1975 requires person(s) who are involved in manufacturing activities to obtain a license from the Licensing Officer. The main goal of introducing the ICA […]

About Setting up Business in Malaysia

Introduction Persons who wish to setup business in Malaysia must register their business either under the Registration of Businesses Act 1956 (“ROBA 1956”) or Companies Act 2016 (“CA 2016”) or Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012. The different forms of business vehicle available in Malaysia includes:- Company Limited by Shares Company Limited by Guarantee Unlimited Company Limited Liability […]

About Medium Industrial Factory in Malaysia

Medium industries in Malaysia have capital investments which are in between light and heavy industries. A buffer zone, which is the area or distance between industries and residential areas, is introduced to distance the residential area from the area of activity to reduce the exposure to pollution. The buffer zones vary based on the specific […]

Free Zone in Malaysia

Since the country gained independence in 1957, Malaysia’s economic activities have shifted from primary commodities such as rubber and wood to industrialization over the years. To meet the growing needs of the business communities in terms of manufacturing and trading facilities and to attract more foreign direct investment, the Malaysian Government enacted the Free Zones […]

Certificate of Origin in Malaysia

With the development of globalization, people are moving from local trade to international trade. Every government in the world has begun collecting taxes and charges on items that are imported or exported. The major reasons for levying taxes/duties are to safeguard domestic industries from foreign rivals, increase revenue, and restrict the flow of specific items […]